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Feb 26, 2019

Singer Hamish Currie grew up on the east coast of Scotland. Folk music was always part of the landscape but it was on moving south after university and discovering English folk music that his performing really took off. Nowadays his repertoire draws on the traditions from both sides of the border, laced with some original and contemporary material.

As well as being a performer Hamish runs the Berkhamsted Campaign for Real Music, promoting acoustic music rooted in tradition. Their venue is the Vyne Theatre, Berkhamsted's premier arts centre. The tagline is 'Professional acts, performing with integrity, style and showmanship.' Go to to find out when the next event takes place.

Hamish also has an interesting sideline called the Berkhamsted Ukulele Random Players (BURP) for ukulele players of all abilities. They sing quite a lot too. It sounds great fun, go to