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Nov 25, 2019

Veteran folk multi-tasker Barry Goodman is a singer, musician, songwriter, dance caller and folk arts educator. He is an energetic and inspirational communicator. With school children he champions the delights of folk dancing, with adults he encourages discussion about the music and to question where it's coming from. English folk is constantly evolving, we allow outside influences, we appreciate the joy of discovery.

In this podcast Barry talks eloquently about his long musical career which ran in parallel with teaching primary school children for many years. He finally became a professional musician on retirement from full time teaching. He will be known to many as the melodeon playing half of folk duo Life & Times along with singer/songwriter Graeme Meek. Since Life & Times ceased operation in 2015 Barry has developed a wide ranging and successful solo career. Details of the breadth of his activities can be found on his Website at