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Jan 20, 2020

Sascha Osborn is a London based singer/songwriter. Her reflective songs of life experience are coloured by folk and jazz influences. Early in her career a vocal fold cyst stopped her singing for 6 months, but a potentially dark period became one for learning musical theory, honing technique and absorbing new music. The artist that emerged had found her stylistic voice, a real triumph out of adversity.

Sascha's first album 'Looking Out and After' (2018) was produced by the talented Patrick Wood who also contributed guitar & piano along with Roy Dodds (drums) and Simon Edwards (double & electric bass).
There is also an earlier EP 'Love Finds You' (2015)
All recordings are available from

Sascha is a regular live performer around London & the South East as well as occasional support slots around the UK. She performs solo (with guitar) or as a duo with Andy Hamill (double bass, bass guitar)