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Aug 9, 2017

Folk singers perform at the Chiltern Open Air Museum throughout the year and many have been recorded by the Invisible Folk Club. On the weekend of this recording the weather was good so all performances were in the great outdoors, it was literally a field recording! The music was enjoyed by visitors and singers alike. 

Many thanks to the featured artists.
In order of appearance:
Anne Cunningham, Steve Last, Linda Birmingham, Jill Waterson & Ady Shaw, Jon Bickley, Liz Lawley, Mary & John Maw, Steve McClennon

The Chiltern Open Air Museum rescues traditional buildings that would otherwise have been demolished. Around 30 historic buildings have now been saved and rebuilt at the 45 acre site in Buckinghamshire. The collection covers 2000 years of history from the Iron Age to the Second World War and focuses on the houses and workplaces of ordinary people. It's well worth a visit. 

For further information visit the museum website