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Jun 24, 2022

Imagine a perfect English Summer's day. What could be better than spending it in a stunning Hertfordshire village filled with friendly faces, world-class musicians in attractive venues, plus a free outdoor stage on a picture-postcard village green? 

You'll love Kimpton Folk Festival and it's happening on Saturday 2nd July 2022. It's a day out for all the family, a wonderful community event to which everybody is welcome.
WHERE IS KIMPTON? Kimpton, SG4 8RD, Hertfordshire, England
For tickets and more information go to

In this podcast festival organisers Doug Jenner and Brian King talk about the history and evolution of the festival.

Songs played during podcast:
01 Megson - Contradicshun
02 Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - I Am the Fox
03 Stewart Murdoch - Month of Sundays

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