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Dec 19, 2021

Born in the USA but raised from an early age in Canada, alt-country singer-songwriter Suzie Ungerleider performed for many years under the name 'Oh Susanna.' Recent circumstances and introspection have caused her to leave that persona behind, hence the title of her most recent album 'My Name is Suzie Ungerleider.' In our interview Suzie talks about the very personal and atmospheric songs as well as the reasons for reverting to her birth name.

Featured songs:
Sleepy Little Sailor - remastered original demo version
Disappear - from 'My Name is Suzie Ungerleider'
Summerbaby - from 'My Name is Suzie Ungerleider'
Mount Royal - from 'My Name is Suzie Ungerleider'
Summerbaby - live band version (unreleased bonus track)