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Apr 11, 2019

Of The Clay are Joe Potter (voc/gtr) & Niamh Bury (voc/gtr & Shruti box), they sing traditional folk songs or songs in the traditional idiom.

They have recently relocated to Dublin but when Invisible Folk came calling they were still living in north Norfolk, that land of eerie shorelines, low horizons and big skies. They had certainly absorbed much of the history and atmosphere of the area, it was reflected in their songs.

Singer/composer Peter Bellamy, a man who spent his formative years in Norfolk, is clearly a significant influence and much discussion ensued about this enigmatic character. Joe & Niamh perform a striking acapella version of Al Stewart's 'Nostradamus' a song also performed by Peter Bellamy.

The beautifully arranged performances captured in this session are mesmerising and intense.

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