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Mar 20, 2021

As a one-off sampler (remember those?) we have made the pilot episode of our monthly audio magazine Mistletoe available to all via our Podcast Channel. Please have a listen. The subsequent monthly editions are exclusively for our Patreon subscribers who also receive the monthly 'mixtape' which we call Album of the Month. If you like what you hear please go to and subscribe.

Invisible Folk Club is the exciting hub at the centre of a network of film makers, folk singers and musicians, mad to live, mad to talk, mad to create. We make podcasts where we ask people how they do what they do so that we can all share and learn how to do it too. We make radio show so we can share the good music we find and we make films so we can get together with people we love and make something great together. Come and be part of the fun. Your support will help us bring more truth and beauty into the world.

Mistletoe is an ancient pagan symbol of renewal, new life after a mighty winter. Podcasts, radio shows and film projects are already branches of the Invisible Folk Club tree, Mistletoe is a new shoot that we hope will flourish.