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Sep 9, 2019

Singer/songwriter Mark Blanchard has two musical lives. He is a solo performer (with guitar), he is also half of the duo Footsore Pilgrims (with bass player Michel Duvoisin). The two entities are radically different even though they often perform the same songs.

Mark's view of his musical world:
Solo = head
Duo = heart

At the start of this solo session Mark says 'The thing that really fascinates me (apart from the music) is the whole process of creativity, I'm absolutely passionate about it.' Indeed the passion pours out of him throughout. The conversation with host Jon Bickley is probably the most in-depth analysis of songwriting tools and techniques we've had to date.

Mark's fabulous song 'Fool In Me' is on YouTube at

Footsore Pilgrims have an album entitled 'Damascus Lights & Blackpool Illuminations' details at