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Oct 13, 2018

Marisa, Jack & Davy breathe life into lesser known traditional folk songs. They all sing, play guitar and percussion. Their 3 part harmonies and arrangements are inventive and original, occasionally channelling the Young Tradition. They cite Peter Bellamy and Nic Jones as key influences and feature two of Bellamy's songs in this set.

Since 2015 Marisa, Jack & Davy have run occasional acoustic folk nights and promoted concerts in and around Bedford under the name Mill Race Folk. They have featured such artists as Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Anna & Elizabeth, Stick in The Wheel. 

Mill Race Folk look for venues that reflect the history and aesthetics of the local area. Shows have been held in the 18th century Bromham watermill, the John Bunyan Museum, the John Bunyan Community Boat and the 15th century timber-framed Elstow Moot Hall.

Jack Sharp is also singer/songwriter/guitarist with popular psych folk/rock band Wolf People.