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Nov 28, 2018

It's heartening to come across younger people playing country blues and we were alerted to the talents of singer/guitarist Kelvin Davies. He works in a guitar shop which can be a blessing and curse! Consider the quandary, your working life is spent selling the thing you love but you can't stop buying them yourself. In may be a strain on Kelvin's bank balance but ultimately we feel the benefit, he is a great blues and ragtime picker. 

At his gigs Kelvin is frequently accompanied by veteran harmonica player Gary Jones. On this set Gary's skilful and sympathetic playing enhances the atmosphere of the songs. All but one of the songs performed were originally recorded between 1927-29 by Mississippi John Hurt, Charley Patton, Frank Stokes or Blind Blake. Kelvin and Gary create their own world of 1920s country blues in the 21st Century, and it feels good. In addition to the older material watch out for a great ragtime version of John Martyn's 'Over The Hill' showing that a good song is a good song no matter the style in which it is played. 

Songs played by Kelvin & Gary in this episode:
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor (Mississippi John Hurt)
Shake It And Break It (Charley Patton)
Downtown Blues (Frank Stokes)

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