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Oct 4, 2017

In this show Invisible Folk Club's Jon Bickley hosts a session with the Delta Ladies. They are a London duo featuring Vicky Martin on guitar and Dee Stone on violin, the music is a fusion of world, roots, folk & blues. Somebody once described their sound as the place where old-time Americana meets the Velvet Underground! 

That sound covers a lot of bases and the standards of musicianship are very high. Apart from their own songs they accompany Jon Bickley on all of his, all they need is the key, a few bars and it's like they've been playing together for years! 

The Delta Ladies are hard working musicians generally performing live at least twice a week at venues across south east England plus the occasional continental trip. Every Tuesday they host sessions at Black Gull Books, Finchley (London) where a variety of guests come along to trade songs and to jam. Jon Bickley has performed there, he had a tremendous time and came out with some recordings that you really need to hear if you get the chance! 

The Ladies have been around the London music scene for many years. Along the way they have met some very famous musicians, a certain Jimi Hendrix amongst them. There are some great stories in this podcast, the major players were so much more accessible back in the late 60s.

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