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Nov 6, 2017

Coming from a musical family singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Alan Garmonsway learned piano from an early age. He played keyboards in various bands from the age of 15 during which time he also taught himself guitar and started playing in folk clubs and college venues around his native Sunderland and Durham. This brought him into contact with a wide range of north east musicians including bands such as Prelude and Hedgehog Pie as well as a young Dave Stewart (later to form the Eurythmics).

Following university Alan's musical activity took a back seat for a while after moving away from the north east. He later emerged as part of a 4 piece band called Badgers’ Sett. They started life in folk clubs going on to play a wide range of venues across south east England over the next 15 years. Gigs were plentiful, rubbing shoulders with Fairport Convention, Dave Swarbrick, Show of Hands, Jake Thackeray, Julie Felix and others. After Badgers’ Sett went their separate ways Alan focussed on solo gigs (keyboard, 12-string & vocals) and spent time in his home studio recording the large number of songs he had written over the years.

Lots of Alan’s material can be found on his 'Best Room Songs' YouTube channel.
He has also been recording a new album, this time with a few old friends contributing. Among those old friends is Invisible Folk Club's very own Anne Cunningham who contributes lead vocals.
Alan's Facebook page is