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Feb 15, 2020

Jack Harris is a Welsh born London based singer/songwriter. His career was off to a flying start in 2005 when aged 19 he won the prestigious New Folk Competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival (Texas).

These days he's an older, wiser, more reflective man. His literate and compassionate songs rooted in Folk and Blues traditions frequently navigate into less charted lyrical areas and the darker sides of life. As a live act his fluid guitar style, engaging personality and dry humour have served him well whether opening for well known artists or playing solo at venues and festivals across the UK and Europe.

A key early influence was Randy Newman, as was an enlightening Christmas present consisting of Joni Mitchell's Blue, Miles Davis' Kind of Blue and Tom Waits' Heartattack and Vine. Sacred texts had been brought down from the mountain and the news was good!