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Dec 20, 2019

2019 was a good year for Invisible Folk Club.
- We worked hard producing 55 podcast episodes
- We clocked up 7700 podcast downloads
- We produced a radio show every week.
We're very happy with that level of progress. Please keep listening.

This podcast is a re-run (Part 1) of the 2019 Invisible Folk Club Christmas radio show. We reached out to our ever widening network of artists for contributions and were delighted with the response. There is a varied selection of well known songs plus some impressive originals getting a first outing. Remember you heard them here first! Many many thanks to the artists who contributed.

Thea Gilmore - Sol Invictus
Anna Howie - Come Over for Christmas
Andy Evans - Jesus In Disguise
Sascha Osborn - One Day
Mike Carter-Jones - White Christmas Blues
Anne Cunningham - Song for a Winter’s Night
Alan Garmonsway - Winter Song
Paul Mosley - Wintertide
The Left Outsides - Gower Wassail
Pete Castle - Down in Yon Forest
Mark Blanchard - Keep The Christmas Peace
Gemma Khawaja - The Babe Of Bethlehem
Emma Scarr - Christmas in Paradise