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Jun 29, 2019

Each month we select a past Invisible Folk Club radio show to air on the podcast channel. This show is a special edition combining selected parts of two recent shows.

The Rickmansworth Folk Festival takes place on Saturday 13th of July and we have been invited to curate the Invisible Folk Club Stage. It is a great honour.

The stage is in the garden of The Feathers pub on Church Street where we have a fabulous line-up of artists all of whom are featured in this broadcast. Please lend them your ears.

Appearing will be:
Craig Joiner, Odette Michell, Lizzy Hardingham, Jon Bickley, Dave Artus, David Gunawardana, Chris Lawley

If you make it to Rickmansworth please come over and say hello, we'll be at the merch table where you can purchase CDs by the artists.