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Feb 9, 2023

It's catch-up time. This Invisible Folk Club radio show went out live to six community stations across England and Europe. Jon Bickley presents the show, Steve Yarwood is Producer.

Nothing in the broad church of trad folk, roots or Americana is off limits, there are so many shades. Our show features established artists, rising stars, quality new music, blasts from the past. We'll continue to pick out the bright stars in the firmament.

Johnny Campbell & Commoners Choir/Skelmanthorpe Brass - A Right to Roam
Cooper and Toller - Jacky Tar
Eric Allen - Itinerant Blues
Kelly Bayfield - Wave Machine
Paul Gerard Dalton - The Roaring Donkey
Sarah Jane Rimmer - The Parrot Club
The Salts - Haul Away For Rosie
Joe Bayliss - When You Let Me In
Lizzy Hardingham - Jumping Waves
Odette Michell - The Banks of Annalee
Paul Mosley - Skylark Above Me
Stewart Murdoch - Wolf Moon
Steve Warner - Mighty Ben
hazeyjane - Tamo Daleko