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May 10, 2021

It's catch up time. This Invisible Folk Club radio show went out live to four community stations across England. 

We continue to receive quality material from quality artists, we're delighted to share it with you. There's also a couple of songs from our May Album of the Month, a compilation available to download by subscription only. Go to

Nothing in the broad church of folk related music is off limits, there's many shades of folk, ours is an eclectic mix. has a listening guide to our show

Iona Fyfe - The Northern Lights
Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer - What If My Pockets Were Empty?
Ben Hemming - Fading Out
Magpies - I Never Will Marry
Peggy Seeger - The Invisible Woman
Tu-kay & Ryan - Safe From Harm
Simon Ainley - Ellan Vannin Tragedy
Sarah McQuaid - Time To Love
Polly Paulusma - The Maid And The Palmer
Pagoda Project Quartet - Millpond
My Girl The River - Cardinal in the Snow
Jack Sharp - Fine Horseman
CSi - The Day the First Bus Came to Town
John Hartford - Gentle On My Mind