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Oct 26, 2020

It's catch up time. This Invisible Folk Club radio show went out live to four community stations across England.

Special feature is 'To The Awe' by Rachel Newton, an atmospheric and articulate new album from the award winning Scottish singer/composer. There's also energy, passion and hope from the force of nature that is Merry Hell.

Nothing in the broad church of folk related music is off limits, there's many shades of folk, ours is an eclectic mix. has a listening guide to our show

Merry Hell - We Are Different, We Are One
Merry Hell - Sailor
Rachel Newton - To the Awe
Rachel Newton - Maid by the Shore
Rachel Newton - Two Sisters
Chris Rogers & The Invisibles - Americana
Indigo Road (Ft Heidi Jo Hines) - Simple
Carrie Martin - White Kite
Pippa Letsky - When The Broom Falls
400 Bears - Memories
Megson - Every Little Night
Jon Bickley & Diana Stone - Black Lives Matter