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Jun 29, 2020

It's catch up time. This Invisible Folk Club radio show went out live to four community stations across England. Jon Bickley was curator/presenter, Steve Yarwood producer.

Nothing in the broad church of folk related music is off limits, there's many shades of folk, ours is an eclectic mix. There's some famous names and some not so famous names, they all deserve your attention. The Invisible Folk Club continues to promote new music while tipping a hat to the pioneers who came before.

Some hits from Lindisfarne, some film soundtrack songs, some protest, some album of the month previews. A well balanced show methinks.

There's something for everybody, we'll continue to be predictably unpredictable!

Lindisfarne - Meet Me on the Corner
Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor
Leon Rosselson - Who Reaps The Profit, Who Pays The Price?
Leon Rosselson - Where are the Barricades?
Martin Olyett - M25 Corridor
David Gunawardana - Where She Walks
Mhairi Hall - A Peak Apart
Mike Lawley - Spare a Thought
Mike Lawley - Hungry and Homeless
The Young Tradition - The Pretty Ploughboy
Jon Bickley & Invisible Folk - Under the Same Sky
Jon Bickley & Invisible Folk - Call The Sun

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