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May 29, 2020

It's catch up time. This Invisible Folk Club radio show went out live to four community stations across England. Jon Bickley was curator/presenter, Steve Yarwood producer.

Nothing in the broad church of folk related music is off limits, there's many shades of folk, ours is an eclectic mix. There's some famous names and some not so famous names, they all deserve your attention. There's something for everybody, we'll continue to be predictably unpredictable!

Our opening blast is 10 minutes of passion, energy and joie de vivre that is the Irish born Clancy Brothers. While playing the clubs of New York's Greenwich Village in the early 1960s they befriended a young Bob Dylan on whom they had a profound influence. The rest of the show is thrown open to a selection of fine artists who have visited the Invisible Folk Club over the last 3 years.

Clancy Brothers - Young Roddy McCorley
Clancy Brothers - The Juice of the Barley
Clancy Brothers - Wild Colonial Boy
Stout Brothers - Lowlands Low
Stout Brothers - Things We Do With Wains
Doug Jenner - Destitution Row
Anne Cunningham - Both Sides the Tweed
Alan Garmonsway - San Francisco Bay
Mike Carter-Jones & Mike Nacey - It's Alright
Mike Nacey & Mike Carter-Jones - Marston Thrift Jig
Mike Nacey & Mike Carter-Jones - 'Round Midnight
Pitmatics - Pretty Fair Maid
Pitmatics - House of Mercy
Mark Blanchard - Enough to See You Through
Malcolm Hobbs - Victor Jara
Jon Bickley & Invisible Folk - Under the Same Sky

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