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Jun 4, 2017

On 18th April 2017 UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap General Election for 8th June 2017. Within 24 hours all ongoing plans at the Invisible Folk Club were put on hold as we embarked on our first Podcast of Protest.

Was the protest song still alive and kicking? A couple of days later the word went out: 'It's time to get angry, we want hear your protest songs! Raise your pen, raise your voice, raise the roof, this country belongs to me and you!'

Material soon arrived and producer Steve Yarwood curated a podcast forged in that pre-election climate of uncertainty and fake news.

Artists featured are Sixpenny Wayke, Oz Hardwick, Martin Olyett, Grae J. Wall & Los Chicos Muertos, Julian Mount, Linda Birmingham, Jon Bickley, Niamh Mahon, Black_Scarr, Dave Artus, Alison Raymond, Tom Bickley (Only Human), Delta Ladies

If you want further information about these fabulous artists please go to or email