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Mar 26, 2019

Gemma Khawaja is a singer based in Norfolk (England) playing traditional songs of the British Isles. The arrangements emphasise the universal stories and themes drawing out the richness and beauty of the old melodies. These are mesmerising and intense performances.

Gemma also creates her own songs inspired by rural poets, mythology and folklore. In particular she has used the words of 17th century English poet Robert Herrick to great effect. To stream or purchase Gemma's music go to

Gemma is also a professional puppeteer based at the Norwich Puppet Theatre where she is involved in both performance and the creation of puppets. As well as performing at a nationally unique venue dedicated to puppetry the company tour regularly. The touring aspect of Gemma's profession has a spin-off in that it creates opportunities for her to visit and perform at local folk clubs across the UK.

Of the 8 songs performed at this session 3 are Gemma with guitar, the remainder are unaccompanied.