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May 15, 2021

In October 1930 the British airship R101 crashed into a French hillside with significant loss of life, it was worldwide news. In Cardington where it was constructed it was a very local and very human story. 'Dream of Glory' a two-act musical from 1994 covering the days before and after the disaster was the first episode of our R101 podcast.

This second episode recorded 27 years later is an interview with Mike Gibbons (musical director of Dream of Glory) and Roger Wiltshire (cast member) where they look back at the production by Sharnbrook Mill Theatre. The show ran from 16th-24th September 1994 and was then professionally recorded for broadcast on 3 Counties Radio later that year. The recording on our podcast was digitised and restored by Invisible Folk Club Producer Steve Yarwood from recently discovered cassettes.