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Feb 11, 2019

David Gunawardana is a young singer/songwriter who is gradually and deservedly making a name for himself. He is an interesting personality equally happy talking about, folk music, films or philosophy

In January 2019 David released a 6 track EP entitled 'Figures and Faces' now available on Amazon, iTunes etc. Invisible Folk Club's Jon Bickley was asked to write the sleeve notes, this is what he had to say:
'It’s hard to say where David comes from. His family is from Sri Lanka and he comes from London but when you listen to his songs there is an other-worldly quality to them. It might be because of his mellifluous voice. It might be his light touch on his Martin guitar. Or it might be his beguiling tales of far-off forest glades, caves and towers, happy tribes challenged or dancing spirits. With the whispers of Gillian Welch and Anne Briggs hovering around him, he casts a spell with every performance. There is a disarming brightness about his presence and his devotion to his craft is clear for all to hear.'