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Jun 17, 2021

Christina Alden and Alex Patterson are singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. After 5 years as a part of a hard working acoustic trio with Noel Dashwood the pandemic brought things to a grinding halt. Like most people they found losing their work and sense of identity was hard to come to terms with. Under those extraordinary circumstances it felt natural to channel the energy of their personal and musical relationship into something that was uniquely theirs. The new-found time and space was used to develop new music and record a debut duo album.

'Hunter' was recorded during the lockdowns of 2020/21 at home in Norwich (England). Although living in the city centre they found the normally busy streets had that quietness we all experienced during lockdown. This atmosphere fed into the creative process and new material evolved, fragments of ideas in old notebooks were revived and completed, instruments that had lain untouched for ages were rediscovered and enhanced the experience. 'Hunter' has rightfully received much acclaim, the duo format is now firmly established, watch out for their gigs.

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