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Mar 27, 2018

Guitarist Bob Templeman and singer Annette Burrows dropped into the Invisible Folk Club for a session of songs and conversation with host Jon Bickley. Bob's intricate guitar is the perfect foil for Annette's exquisite vocals as they perform a carefully chosen mix of quality songs. The set balances material from the traditional folk and jazz singer canons with songs you might not expect to hear in this context. No clues I'm afraid, just listen. I guarantee a few eyebrows will be raised along the way. 

When not performing Bob & Annette are leading lights at Chesham Folk Club. Annette also runs sessions at The Half Moon, Wilstone (Hertfordshire) on the third Sunday evening of every month. Everybody is welcome, just turn up and join in with the songs and tunes. Until fairly recently Bob was involved in the running of Chesham Folk Club. In the podcast he gives us an interesting insight to the processes involved in selecting and booking artists.

This is episode two of three.