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Dec 1, 2017

Host Jon Bickley trades songs and stories with two very talented artists in session at the Invisible Folk Club. Singer/songwriters Alison Raymond (guitar/harmonica) and Tim Brooks (violin/guitar) perform a mix of original and traditional material. Jon added to the diversity by digging into his formidable back catalogue as well as airing some new material.

As befits the experience of the folks around the table the conversation covered some interesting ground, in particular the highs and lows of running a folk club and staging live events. There was much sound advice on offer for ambitious listeners.

Alison is a former committee member at Watford Folk Club as well as organiser of their prestigious annual song contest.

Tim, together with others, has recently revived Herga Folk Club in Harrow after the original club in Pinner closed back in June 2017. He is also heavily involved in the 'Abbots Langley Winter Acoustic Concerts' a unique series of eclectic Sunday afternoon concerts that take place in February, March, October & November each year. In our podcasts Tim talks about the ethos and organisation of these popular events.

This is the second podcast of three.

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