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Jun 17, 2018

Back in February 2017 singer Anne Cunningham was featured artist on the very first Invisible Folk Club podcast. 16 months later she has made a welcome return, this time in the company of singer/songwriter Alan Garmonsway who also had his own podcast feature in November 2017.

For over 10 years Alan and Anne were part of Badgers Sett a quartet that began life in folk clubs going on to play a wide range of venues across south east England. More recently Anne has contributed lead vocals to many of the songs on Alan's 2017 solo project 'Ridgeway' and they perform 6 songs from that album on this podcast session.

Host Jon Bickley also contributes a number of his more recent compositions.

Lots of Alan’s material can be found on his 'Best Room Songs' YouTube channel.
For Alan's latest news go to his Facebook page