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Jul 4, 2017

Folk/Prog band Pagan Harvest plan to release their second album in October 2017 so ahead of that event we're revisiting their 2015 self-titled debut. Invisible Folk Club producer Steve Yarwood talks to singer/songwriter Jon Bickley about the history of the band and the making and meaning of that first album. It’s dark folk on an epic scale!

At the core of Pagan Harvest's music is a deep love of the myths and legends of English folklore, in particular those emanating from darker less travelled paths. The trio comprise Lawrence Reed (composer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist), Jon Bickley (singer/songwriter) and Steve Daymond (electric bass).

The album is available from Amazon and iTunes.
The band have made 3 short YouTube films based around music from the album.
Rebecca Falls
The third film is entitled 'Rebecca Falls - the forensics' which adopts a 'Classic Albums' documentary approach to explore the evolution and forensics of the song.

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