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Nov 5, 2019

Pete Castle is a folk singer and storyteller who first came to the attention of Invisible Folk during research for Bedfordshire folk songs. Pete is a former resident of the county (1976-87) who collected around 70 songs of local origin and deposited them at Luton Wardown Museum. 20 of these songs were released by Pete on cassette in 1981, some of the songs in this podcast come from that collection.

The recording took place during Brickworks Day at The Higgins, Bedford (25th May 2019) an event supporting the 'From Bunyan to Brickworks' exhibition at the museum. Invisible Folk curated a mini folk festival which ran throughout the day in the courtyard with 10 artists/groups. It was a glorious day and the music was great. Pete Castle was the final act, it was the first time he had performed in his former home county for many years.

Song Titles:
1 Bedfordshire May Song
2 The Duke of Bedford
3 Watercresses
4 As I Came Home
5 A Spinning We Will Go
6 My Son John
7 Poor Tom Brown
8 Over The Hill

Invisible Folk are delighted to be able to make this special event available to our podcast listeners. For more information visit Pete's comprehensive Website at