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Apr 24, 2020

Matt Fleming is a musician (under his own name or One Formation) and photographer/videographer (Minus Tone). In this podcast he plays a mix of solo acoustic songs and synthesiser generated instrumental pieces. The two forms come together memorably in 'Floating' so listen out for that one!

He talks about utilising engineering and production skills learned on a commercial music course at university to work with young people in Slough. He talks candidly about those sometimes tough but rewarding years in community services. In the end government cuts resulted in the closure of most activity centres. Sadly we can see the negative results of such policies in many of our towns and cities.

Matt has recently set up his own photography and video business which is how Invisible Folk became aware of his talents. He continues to encourage artistic growth in the local community with the Music & Words Club at The Hope, a vibrant new community space in Windsor. He organises a twice monthly gathering of musicians, poets, singers, composers, electronic artists etc who showcase original material. He is also involved in occasional pop-up events at the Loading Bay Cafe (Windsor).