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Jan 12, 2022

Singer/songwriter Keith Christmas rose to prominence with 3 excellent albums in the late 60s/early 70s. During this period he appeared at the first Glastonbury festival, worked with David Bowie on the 'Space Oddity' album and toured the UK and Europe as a solo artist or support act to many of the top names of the day.

After the momentum faded Keith quit music as a career and turned to house renovation and school teaching. Then in 2016 after releasing 'Crazy Dancing Days' he reconnected with a generation well-versed in Michael Chapman, Roy Bailey and Ian A Anderson. The 'Life, Life' album in 2019 was even better, and Keith Christmas was unexpectedly back in town!

Songs featured on this podcast in order of appearance:
Welcome to the End of the World (One More Time) - from 'Crazy Dancing Days' 2016
Life, Life - from 'Life, Life' 2019
Round the Stones - from 'Life, Life' 2019
Travelling Down - from 'Stimulus' 1969
Fable Of The Wings - from 'Fable Of The Wings' 1970
Talking to the Dead (Again) - from 'Crazy Dancing Days' 2016
Plunder Town - from 'Love Beyond Deals' 1996

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