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Oct 23, 2021

How do you sum up Jez Hellard and his music? Well here goes, dream guest, articulate, passionate, funny, terrific energy, great music. Getting the picture? Jez himself says 'potent songs, fiery fiddling, silk double-bass and smoking harmonicas.' That all sounds about right to us!

If Jez and the Djukella Orchestra come to your town make sure you're there.

Podcast song order (with composer):
1 Gonna Rise Again (Si Khan)
2 For the Sake of Day (Cahalen Morrison & Eli West)
3 For Mr Thomas (Robin Williamson)
4 Spring Wind (Greg Brown)
5 The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (Richard Fariña)

All songs are from the 2021 release 'The Fruitful Fells'
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