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Apr 20, 2023

It's catch-up time. This Invisible Folk Club radio show went out live to seven community stations across England and Europe. Jon Bickley presents the show, Steve Yarwood is Producer.

Nothing in the broad church of trad folk, roots or Americana is off limits, there are so many shades. Our show features established artists, rising stars, quality new music, blasts from the past. We'll continue to pick out the bright stars in the firmament.

Gavin Marwick & Aaron Jones - The King's Chair
George Sansome & Matt Quinn - Sheffield Park
The Browns - Runaround
Odette Michell - After The Hurricane
Angeline Morrison - The President Sang Amazing Grace
Clare Sands & I Have A Tribe - Teasgal
Fontaines DC - Cello Song
Paterson - Don't It Feel Good
Sarah McQuaid - If We DUB Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous
Reg Meuross - The Way of Cain
Angeline Morrison - Cruel Mother Country
Lankum - Lord Abore and Mary Flynn
Hack-Poets Guild - Birds of Harmony