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Oct 22, 2020

It's catch up time. This Invisible Folk Club radio show went out live to four community stations across England. Jon Bickley was curator/presenter, Steve Yarwood producer.

Nothing in the broad church of folk related music is off limits, there's many shades of folk, ours is an eclectic mix.

We feature 'Home Recordings' from Martin Simpson, a lockdown mix of originals, trad and carefully chosen covers. We also have tracks from Invisible Folk Club's album of the month wherein you'll find quality material by quality artists. Please subscribe via our Patreon page We need to pay the bills! has a listening guide to our show

Martin Simpson - The Times They Are A-Changin'
Martin Simpson - Wren Variations
Martin Simpson - House Carpenter
Martin Simpson - October Song
Elaine Palmer - Go
Mick Wynne – Ballad of the Twin Flames
Elles Bailey - Wild Wild West
Jessica Lynn – Love Me That Way
Jack Sharp - Farewell Nancy
Odette Michell - Farewell to the Gold
Gemma Khawaja - The Recruited Collier
Alasdair Roberts - I Have A Charm
Alasdair Roberts - On the Banks of Red Roses