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Mar 1, 2018

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Grae J Wall and violinist Andy Keeble dropped into the Invisible Folk Club to trade songs and stories with host Jon Bickley.

Grae and Andy deliver their passionate brand of country, blues and folk where the songs get to the heart of the matter. Yes there is the sadness of murder ballads and bar room melancholy, but celebration, humour, passion, a smile and a wink are never far away. Andy is a long time collaborator whose skillful and intuitive violin playing is a key factor in creating the atmosphere.

As well as performing solo Grae fronts the Trailer Trash Orchestra, a raucous 6 piece where country-noir meets trash rock ‘n’ roll meets punk meets The Pogues! Then there is Los Chicos Muertos, a slimmed down ensemble for smaller venues. Songs of love and loss, the plight of the downtrodden, anti-fascist skiffle, tales from the road, tales from the backroom bar and all points in between. If these guys come to your town make sure you are there.

The excellent Los Chicos Muertos album 'Quinze Petites Morts' is available from