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Sep 22, 2022

John Palmer, Josephine Swinhoe & Paul Hutchinson talk about 'From Pub to Pulpit' a nationwide musical tour celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

John is project director, Jo is a singer with acapella folk group Broomdasher, Paul is accordionist with Coracle, a trio he recently formed with clarinettist Karen Wimhurst and multi-instrumentalist and singer Anna Tam.

The concerts have a unique format combining both folk and classical aspects. The music crosses the boundaries between the different genres of Vaughan Williams' music in a way that no other event will.

In each piece Broomdasher start by singing a folk song collected by Vaughan Williams. As the song ends Coracle begin to play musical variations on the melody. Finally the church congregation and choir sing the hymn Vaughan Williams wrote using the melody from the original folk song.  

The show is touring UK cathedrals for the remainder of this year and into Summer 2023. Each performance will be different, as the host organist will add his or her own influence.
View future tour dates:

The musical arrangements, scores and tour brochure are also available free online, so that anyone, anywhere, can adapt them.
Download or view online programme:
Download musical score:

For more information:
Broomdasher website
Coracle website