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Apr 21, 2019

In a return to the successful '3 Songwriters' format first used back in January 2017 host Jon Bickley trades songs and conversation with David Gunawardana and Martin Olyett.

This second session dates from August 2018 where the guys had lots of new material to play and discuss. Indeed they had so much to discuss they reconvened for a third session 4 months later, but more of that another day.

Dissecting songwriters' methods tells us much about how some people perceive and interpret the world around them and turn that view into a musical artform. In our small way Invisible Folk Club are trying to see behind the curtain and achieve a deeper understanding. We'll continue to dissect more songwriters!!!

Both guests have recently released albums.
For David Gunawardana's Figures & Faces go to
For Martin Olyett's Strawman album please go to and leave us a message. We'll ensure Martin receives your communication.