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Jul 13, 2021

Anna Tam has a very personal take on traditional British songs. 'Anchoress' is an excellent debut album, Anna's strong soprano voice is self-accompanied by a variety of lesser-known stringed instruments such as nyckelharpa, viola da gamba and hurdy gurdy. Sparse yet atmospheric arrangements enhance the songs; while ensuring the stories and the people who lived them are to the fore.

During lockdown in March 2020 she launched ‘Folk from the Boat’ on her YouTube Channel. She has brought weekly selections of songs, tunes and waterways adventures to a worldwide audience direct from the deck of her canal boat.

Songs in this podcast (all trad arr Anna Tam):

  1. Whittingham Fair (studio performance from Anchoress album - played on viola da gamba)
  2. The Unquiet Grave (live performance at Anchoress launch event April 2021 - played on nyckelharpa)
  3. The Ship in Distress (live performance on Folk from the Boat February 2021 - played on hurdy gurdy)
  4. Love Will Find Out the Way (live performance on Folk from the Boat June 2021 - played on nyckelharpa)
  5. Brigg Fair (exclusive performance for this podcast - played on piano)

    YouTube Channel: